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This is not your typical wedding photography company, and we are not your typical wedding photographers. We are a collective of bandits, and outlaws, pirates, and... gosh, this is getting away from me. Let's try this again.


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So, trying to describe yourself is tough, and I'm not good at it. Perhaps I'll just tell you what we are good at. We're good at capturing those special moments. My background is in film making. From theatrical release movies, to commercials you've seen on your television, I've basically done it all. But the thing that I enjoy doing most is telling stories. And that's what we do here at P.S. Photography. Whether we're creating a wedding film, capturing wedding photos, or doing both at the same time, we are always trying to tell your story. I guess that what makes us different, we've done everything, but we're doing weddings because we love to tell stories, and what better story is there than the day you get married. I hope we get the chance to tell your story soon.


"Capturing the moments of today that will last a lifetime"

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